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Pride and Prejudice | 05/05/2011

The Principle objections in the Southern Manifesto are clearly knee jerk reactions. The Southern Manifesto does not support its argument with sound logic. To a any person not living in the south at the time it may seem that the Southern Manifesto is a piece written to slander the progressive movement. Although the Southern Manifesto brings to light several arguments that pertain to the issue these facts make it clear that the South wishes to remain a separate entity within the United States. This essay will prove to the reader that the Southern Manifesto is an imperialistic piece of Southern propaganda.

“We regard the decision of the Supreme Court in the school cases as clear abuse of judicial power.” –“The original Constitution does not mention education. Neither does the fourteenth amendment nor any other amendment. The debates preceding the submission of the fourteenth amendment clearly show that there was no intent that it should affect the systems of education maintained by the states.”

Quotes such as these make it clear to the reader that the Southern Manifesto derives much of its stance off the Constitution of the United States. While many Americans hold the Constitution dear to their hearts.  I feel this is a low blow, and a cop out on behalf of the authors of the Manifesto. Simply trying to duck the issue with quotes taken out of context leaves much to be desired on behalf of the reader. Without any logic or argument to back up these passages I feel as if the manifesto were written by a communist or the KKK for that matter. Threatening our government as a fundamental institution that cannot do its job correctly is not only poorly backed up with facts it almost is hypocritical of them.

What the authors of the Southern Manifesto lack in their attempt to derail the progressive movement is insight–insight into the future of their hometowns, home state, and country as a whole. They fail to realize that not only are people of different races intelligent, but that they will continue to grow in population. This population growth will affect everything in day to day life. “We reaffirm our reliance on the Constitution as the fundamental law of the land”. The Southern Manifesto reads like a children’s book in that they often repeat the same fundamentals over and over again.  Little has been said as to why they think this way. It is understandable that people are set in their ways, and that they may see their way of life threatened by the inclusion of Blacks in the ‘white mans world’. But what I think they fail to realize is that people no matter their race or color tend to separate into their own separate cultures for a reason, the reason that comfort and familiarity provide a sense of security.

I feel that with the inclusion of Blacks into Southern society would not have been such a drastic event had a fuss not been created by the local White population. The fear of change is what drives this survival instinct in these people. The fact remains that with this animosity toward African Americans the Whites were actually extricating themselves from American society.  Making themselves vulnerable and prejudice all while trying to make it seem like the Constitution of the United States was meant to uphold their racist beliefs.  It is my belief that although African American society at the time was struggling to figure itself out it was with this racial prejudice that they really found out that they had not come very far in terms of equality or at least acceptance in society. It could have changed a lot of things in the United States had the Southern States decides to be more lenient in their actions toward Blacks. Instead they tarnished their own reputation, and also set back a race of people 50 years in the process.


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