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Taking sides or taking strides (in a new direction that is…)?!

This taking sides tackles yet another controversial subject regarding race based prescriptions. Dr. Sally Satel heads the more liberal side while Greg Dorr and David Jones head the conservative end.

I felt like this article was designed so that the reader sides with one view or the other. I have read similar articles that express both opinions clearly, but also include a objective summary to allow the reader to clearly understand each point side by side. Not that one isn’t capable of this on their own, but it helps clarify things just a little.

Now I understand Dorr and Jones perspective in that politics and money play a large part in what drugs do and do not get approved. Because after all, if there is not monetary backing for a ground breaking drug it isn’t going anywhere but the drawing board. But the way Dorr and Jones go about giving evidence doesn’t exactly sway the reader one way or another as far as medical practice goes. All they seem to concentrate on is the fact that BiDil had been manufactured for financial gain, and go into the business dealings related to the release of the product.

Dr. Satel states her opinion as one coming from a doctor who has to deal with these issues on a day to day basis. I tend to side with the more logical of the two arguments no matter the political viewpoint. Dr. Satel expresses concern with diagnosis and treatment of all people which include people of seperate backgrounds. I feel like Dorr and Jones forget that there are people out there who are from differing backgrounds.

This essay definitely enlightened me in terms of what is necessary, and the unfortunate gauntlet that must be negotiated in order to either get new drugs passed or new methods of diagnosis/treatment. I am happy to have learned from this article as well as here a few differing viewpoints, but do not feel satisfied in my quest for the answers so I have decided to look into it a little more.

I found this


the latter article brings up the black hypertension study as well as BiDil. Both articles draw similar conclusions. They end up stating that it can only be beneficial to all races if we continue to study and utilize race based diagnosis. Not race based prescriptions. I believe this outlook to be the best way of helping everyone out, while still adhering to an equal rights for all.


Thanks for a great semester Dr. Green


Greg Gavin


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