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Geology review

In the field of geology you’re constantly monitoring your surroundings even if you’re not working. As an avid outdoorsman I’ve always been fascinated with whatever environment I’m exploring, and I feel that this assignment has given me a deeper understanding when it comes to my surroundings.

Understanding transgression and regression sounds simple enough in theory, but in the field it becomes a totally different animal. One has to consider many things when determining the age of a sedimentary or metamorphic layer of rock. Once starting from the base on up you get a pretty good idea of what to expect based on the type of stone on top, but you still have to carefully consider the depositional environment in which it came.

Over all I truly enjoyed the lab assignments in this class. They were not the boring labs of years past, but instead offered interesting insight into the course and will help out as an amateur geologist exploring the western United States. I have already put this knowledge to good use by schooling my friends on the present faults one can view from on top Alta and Snowbird ski resorts. As well as the general make-up of the Big Cottonwood formation which constitutes most of the ridge line separating Little Cottonwood from Big Cottonwood Canyon.

My true opinion about this lab is once you get going it gets must easier, and with a little insight from you, Professor Kass, I felt at ease going into the assignment. Geology has always been a hobby of mine, but now I realize its social function in terms of how useful it can be professionally. I plan to pursue an earth sciences degree at the U of U with an initial emphesis on environmental geology, but hope to concentrate on plate tectonics. I understand I am in my infancy when it comes to truly grasping these subjects, but am very excited to pursue this with passion!


Greg Gavin


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